The Academy Research and Development Institute (ARDI) for the Unites States Air Force Academy (USAFA)


The main buildings in the Cadet Area are set around a large, square pavilion known as The Terrazzo. The name comes from the fact that the walkways are made of terrazzo tiles, set among a checkerboard of marble strips. The east quarter of the Terrazzo is a 700-foot-long space with an ordered geometry of lighted pools, lowered grass sections and maze-like walkways.

The Academy Research and Development Institute (ARDI) provides the academic endowment programs that support distinguished professor chairs and other programs at the Unites States Air Force Academy (USAFA)

The Air Force Academy has been ranked #5 Best Undergraduate Engineering Program.

Several specific Academy engineering programs ranked among the tops. Those rankings are: • #2 Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering,14 consecutive years. • #2 Computer Engineering • #3 Electrical Engineering • #6 Mechanical Engineering Ranking by U.S. News and World Report magazine's 2015 Best Colleges - 30th Anniversary Eddition. -September 2014

Graduation is made possible in part by The Academy Research and Development Institute (ARDI)

Academy Graduation

On May 28, 2014 - 995 cadets graduated from the Academy and received their gold second lieutenant's bars in a ceremony at Falcon Stadium.

Academy Preparatory School change of command

Academy Preparatory School COC

Change of Command Col. Gerald Szybist speaks at the Academy Preparatory School change of command ceremony here June 30, 2014. Szybist takes over command of the Prep School from Col. Kabrena Rodda.

Cadet cadre barks orders

Cadet cadre barks orders

BCT - Cadet cadre barks orders to basic cadets after they exit a bus from Doolittle Hall June 26, 2014.

ARDI Endowed Chairs

The endowed chair is a special symbol of excellence in education. For decades, endowed chairs have enhanced the faculty at many of America’s outstanding academic institutions. The Air Force Academy joins them by means of the ARDI endowment program, helping the Academy remain in the top tier of educational excellence.

New Endowment: The General Benjamin O. Davis Endowed Chair
General Benjamin O. Davis
Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin O. Davis
F-86 flight 51st FIW Korea

ARDI is pleased to announce that this Chair is being developed in honor of General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.(1912-2002).
Gen Davis was the first African-American General Officer in the United States Air Force,advancing the the rank of General (four-star) on December 9, 1998.

You can help establish a truly enduring gift which reflects in perpetuity the generous vision of its founder and the power of knowledge.
Please contact ARDI to find out how you can support the development of endowments.